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Träd, Gräs och Stenar with Møtrik & The Galaxy Research

  • The Liquor Store 3341 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97214 (map)

SOLD OUT / 21+ / 9pm LOSE YR MIND presents:

Träd, Gräs och Stenar
They were from Sweden, they were pioneers of DIY culture, they jammed with force and purpose for 40 minutes back when “legendary” SF groups or German kraut rock bands were still struggling to get out of the upper single digits with dignity; they traveled with organic food they grew themselves, and cooked for everyone they played to; they made their own instruments, amplifiers and PAs before there was such a thing as a PA; they released records themselves, y’know back when the Dead were still on a major label.

The beat is in 4/4 time and of moderate pace. The pattern is repeated each bar throughout the song. A splash or crash cymbal is often hit at the beginning bar of a verse or chorus.

The Galaxy Research
Pacific Northwest DIY Prog Rock - The universal language of sound, beauty and transcendence, life force music to feed mind, body, and soul, the power of energy, feeling from the heart.